The Radical Entrepreneur: Pitching with Power and Conviction ─ Amy Tez

The Radical Entrepreneur is a presentation designed for ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives and all those serious about radically shifting the way they communicate and pitch their ideas so that their impact rockets!

Unlike the standard pitching advice, this presentation will teach you how to develop spontaneity, charisma and conviction whenever you pitch. You will learn the secrets to empowered body language (it's not what you think) and also the right psychology so that you come across as the go-to leader in your field. And by learning how to convey a powerful presence on any business stage, be it in meetings, big auditoriums or just 1-2-1 conversations, you will pitch much more inspirationally and attract more substantial opportunities.

Fall 2018, Istanbul Time: TBA

What You Will Learn

  • Raise your personal value whenever you pitch and present.
  • Tell a truly compelling story of your business idea.
  • Radically simplify your message so you inform and inspire.
  • The secrets to powerful body language to rocket your personal impact.
  • Let go of limiting mind-sets that diminish your presence.
  • Speak with spontaneity so you sound exciting rather than flat.
  • Let go of what anyone thinks so your performance takes off.

About the trainer

Amy is an actress turned Performance Coach who uses her unique blend of acting and transformational experience to change the way you communicate your business forever. She will share her insights to creating a Winner's Pitch so that no matter whom you are talking to, you will own the "stage".

Amy has worked with a multitude of entrepreneurial leaders in London, San Francisco and Istanbul, including TEDx speakers, CEO's and high-profile actors.

Speaker Sessions: The Radical Entrepreneur: Pitching with Power and Conviction - Amy Tez