Investment or Sales... What's Most Important? ─ Bill Kenney

“Should I prioritize connecting to and closing investors or customer?” is a question often heard from diligent founders.

Thousands of entrepreneurs are faced with this decision everyday. Nearly every accelerator, competition, program, school, expert, and media outlet are pushing you towards investment but is it really the right answer for you and your venture? Choosing to focus your energy on the right funding source from the outset will help preserve your most precious resource, time! Doing so so will also give you the greatest possibility for success.

Fall 2018, Istanbul

What You Will Learn

This workshop will explore the potential impacts of these investment-focused programs and how you can make the best decisions for your venture. We will examine:

  • Does capital attract customers or do customers attract capital?
  • The pros and cons of focusing on investment versus sales
  • The attributes of an investable business
  • The value of customer intimacy
  • Why this conversation is even more important for women and minority-led ventures
  • How to choose the best path for your venture

Join us for this dynamic, fun, and super informative session!

About the trainer

Bill Kenney has founded 6 companies and currently leads two growing ventures. One is a business promotion company and the other is a self promotion company. MEET (My Expo & Event Team) specializes in helping growth companies effectively exhibit at trade shows. Test My Pitch is an online platform helps students, entrepreneurs and professionals develop their communication skills quickly in a safe and collegial environment.

Bill entertains audiences frequently and speaks on a variety of topics, including: entrepreneurship, networking, revenue generation, and community building. He also leads several community building efforts in his home state, Connecticut, USA. Bill is an active participant in the Startup Champions Network (formerly Startup America). He is an avid sailor, cyclist, and paddleboarder.

Speaker Sessions: Investment or Sales... What's Most Important? - Bill Kenney